Where it all began...

Westside Christian Church began as the product of a church split. That's not something we're proud of, but it is a fact of our existence that we have learned from and hope to move beyond. Just as Jesus forgives us individually we believe that a church can be forgiven. And in that forgiveness we believe in the opportunity for new life and new growth. And God has blessed us because of our desire to follow and obey.

In 1977 the charter members began to recruit and gather together what would become the new church, Westside Church of Christ. They were an awesome group of people with a heart for the gospel and the church began to grow rapidly. They originally met in the home of one of the members as a house church but quickly outgrew being a house church. They began to look towards the future and imagine what God could do in Jonesborough through them.

First steps...

Before breaking ground for a new site all their own the original charter members met at a local business called the Bean Pot that opened their doors to the church. It was a generous act that helped Westside in the early days of planning and preparing. All the while the church kept growing, filling the Bean Pot to capacity and creating momentum that helped to drive forward plans for the future.

Breaking Ground

Finally the big day came on Sunday November 5th, 1978. All the planning and preparing and dreaming had led to the wonderful moment where the founders broke ground along Persimmon Ridge Road, where the church currently stands. It was a day of celebration and excitement as the church began a new adventure together trusting God to provide and work through them.

And today...

Today we look back on our history with great joy in spite of certain hard lessons. We see God's hand at work protecting us, guiding us, and growing us. Our name has changed, our building has changed, we have changed, but the message of Jesus Christ and the mission to make disciples has not. We move onward and upward because of the strong foundation that was built for us by those who came before and we hope to leave a strong legacy for those who come after.

We hope that you will join us in making a new and brighter future through the power of Jesus. You are invited. What are you waiting for?